New agricultural row crop tire sizes released by Ascenso Tyres

Ascenso Tires and Ascenso have several new agricultural tire sizes added to their line up for August 2022. The Ag Row Crop lineup from Ascenso just got bigger!

The sizes added are: 

  • 230/95R32
  • 230/95R36
  • 270/95R36
  • 270/95R38
  • 270/95R42
  • 230/95R44
  • 270/95R44
  • 300/95R46
  • 320/90R46
  • 380/90R46 Steel Belted
  • 230/95R48
  • 270/95R48
  • 340/85R48


Coming in September:

  • 320/90R50
  • 300/95R52
  • 270/95R54


The TDR-900 was specifically designed for heavy duty row crop usage and to withstand usage on the road and in the field.  The TDR-900 series features high load carrying capacity for smooth operations, high traction, and ensures soil protection.  

These tires complement the existing lineup of Agricultural tires already present in warehouses across North America of Ascenso tires. A 7 year warranty for Ascenso tires applies to the above mentioned agricultural tires.