Factory Direct Container Sales

Factory Direct Container Sales

Ascenso is an off-highway tire brand that caters to the needs of the following key global segments: Agriculture, Industrial & Construction, Earth Mover, Material Handling, and Agro-Forestry. In our journey over the last 3 years, we have released and added more than 500+ sizes to our portfolio.

Ascenso Tires North America also distributes Westlake commercial truck, bus, and trailer tires as well as Sunrise steel truck, aluminum truck, and trailer wheels along with their own brand "TIBER."

Offering competitive prices, Ascenso Tires North America is your source for high-quality agricultural, industrial and OTR tires, truck and bus tires, and truck wheels.

Ascenso Tires North America offers several programs to effectively distribute tires to our customers throughout North America. These programs include Factory Container Direct, Trailer Load (TL), and Less-Than Truck Load (LTL) shipments.



Bottom Line

Ascenso Tires North America warehouse

Why buy from Ascenso Tires:

Customer Service

We provide communication throughout the whole container process.  We communicate shipping details, ETA's, etc.


We partner with quality suppliers so we have a consistent brand, quality, and supply.

Domestic Stock

Back-up inventory available in our U.S. warehouses.

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U.S. Back-Up Warehouse Supply

Supplying the U.S. with Back-Up Warehouse Supply to Support Your Operations

Ascenso Tires North America's success and longevity are driven by the team members it brought over from Tyres International. Each team member's relentless commitment to customer service and communication that exceeds customer expectations has driven Ascenso Tires North America's growth.

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