• Lower Soil Compaction

    Lower soil compaction is a priority. Maintain and increase yeilds by choosing a tire that reduces soil compaction.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Contribute to fuel efficiency by choosing the proper tire that performs in the field and by increasing your fuel efficiency.  

  • Traction

    Choosing a tire that increases traction in the elements is critical to farming success. Weather doesn't stop you, so it shouldn't stop your tires.

  • Durability

    You need a tire as tough as you and that doesn't quit until the jobs done.  

  • Road Performance

    Tires need to perform in the field and on the road. Travel between fields and customer locations is a fact of modern agriculture. Choose a tire that performs in the field and on the road.  

  • Uptime

    Reduce cost and increase efficiency by keeping your machine moving.  

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